Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Year End 2008 Tips and Tricks

1. The GP 10 year end update/service pack 3 upgrade process through utilities can be run from any machine, not just the server (although it may be quicker on the server).
2. Hedge your bets, make a backup of the reports.dic before applying GP 10 SP3/year end update and then rebuild the reports dictionary after applying.
3. Remember, your user date in Dynamics GP has to be in the new year to do a check run after closing 2008.
4. Backup, backup, and oh, yeah, backup. And keep them...one from pre-year end, and one from post-year end.
5. Allow enough time to apply the updates, AND check your year end wage file.
6. In a crunch, you can let one person in to run a payroll without applying the updates to other workstations. Of course, the un-updated workstations cannot be used until the update is applied. But this will help you in a crazy pinch. And, I know, I know, it is contrary to what the guide tells you.

Now, if I can only manage to remember these little tidbits NEXT YEAR :)

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