Sunday, January 25, 2009

eConnect Bank Transaction Import: GL Batch quirks

I recently used eConnect to consolidate multiple GP companies into a single GP database. Part of that migration included importing any unreconciled bank transactions: Uncleared deposits, uncleared trx, and even undeposited cash receipts.

After a little bit of tedious coding to get all of the bank transaction types mapped correctly, the import worked well. Because we did not want the transactions to affect the GL, I made sure to turn of Post To and Post Through for both Bank Deposits and Bank Transactions. I then ran the import into the new production company, and we verified the counts and amounts, and all looked good.

But the next day the client noticed several unposted GL batches, with batch IDs corresponding to each of the companies that I imported. They appeared to be related to bank transactions, as the description for some of the JEs said "Bank Transaction", and had a type of CMTRX. After researching the transactions, I definitely confirmed that they were created by my eConnect import. But I had absolutely made sure to turn off Post To as well as Post Through!

So I did a test by turning off posting, and then manually entering a single bank transaction. As expected, no posting to GL, and no GL batch. Hmmm.

So then I re-ran the eConnect integration into a test company, making sure that Post To and Post Through were unchecked. Sure enough, a single batch with 99 JEs was created for the 99 bank transactions that were imported.

I then thought that it might be an implicit option based on the field values in my code. So I commented out the taBRBankTransactionHeader.BACHNUMB field in my code, thinking that maybe the fact that providing a batch number has eConnect create the GL batch regardless of the posting settings. I recompiled and ran the import into the test company again.

This time I got 99 GL batches! Without a batch number, eConnect reverts to posting each bank transaction separately, thereby creating a separate batch for each bank transaction.

So, from what I have observed:

1) eConnect will always create a GL batch for bank deposits and bank transactions, even if Post To is unchecked in the posting settings in GP. If you are doing a data migration using eConnect, be on the lookout for those batches so that they can be deleted.

2) eConnect provides you with the option of specifying a batch number for bank transactions, or not, depending on how you want the transactions to be posted in the GL. I can't imagine anyone wanting to have separate GL batches for each bank transaction, but I guess anything is possible.

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