Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dynamics GP 10 Version List Heaven

Update: Here is my post for the GP 2010 version list.

Ever run into trouble because you can't tell what service pack or hotfix has been applied at a client site? Ever have a machine drive you nuts because of GP version issues? Ever try to create a test environment with copies of client databases only to get error after error like:

"You are attempting to configure an older version of product 2992. Database 10.0.1,061 Code 10.0.774.", or "Product 0 does not support upgrading from version 10.0.1237."

I used to print PDFs of every service pack web page on PartnerSource to try and have some record of the different versions (since 10.0.903 doesn't mean much to me), but that doesn't work for hotfixes and year end updates, which throw plenty of odd versions into the mix.

Finally, finally, finally Microsoft has answered my pleas. Today while trying to deal with such errors, I happened to notice that there is a shiny new comprehensive Dynamics GP 10 version list available in Excel format (PartnerSource login required). It is posted on the GP 10 service pack page, but only as a "Note", so I'm not sure how long it has been there and if I've missed it previously.

It lists every version number, for every module / dictionary, for every GP 10 release, from RTM to good old "KB 961354", aka SP3 with the 2nd version of the 2008 Year End and Canadian Payroll update!

With this list, I was able to immediately locate version 10.0.1237 and download the lasted version of SP3 with the year end updates, thereby solving my version errors.

It truly is a Happy New Year.

(And thanks to the poor soul who had to compile all of those version numbers! Nice job!)

UPDATE: Doug Pitcher made the same discovery a few weeks before I did, and posted on his blog that the full version list for GP 9 is also available. Thanks for the tip!


Doug Pitcher said...

This is a long time coming. They also have this for 9.0. I mentioned this on our blog as well.




Steve Endow said...

Thanks for the update Doug!