Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Unable to load SanScript Library" and Integration Manager

Late last month, I was asked to assist a client who was having issues with the year end update for Dynamics GP. After I had helped her through the issue, she mentioned that she had an issue with Integration Manager that her previous consultant could not resolve. She had even gone so far as to completely wipe and reload the machine in an attempt to address the issue. Naturally, in the middle of a million year end questions, this issue actually sparked my curiousity :)

She showed me that on one machine, if she tried to run an integration, it would appear to start and then would display the error "Unable to load SanScript Library". Like any good consultant, I immediately checked the KnowledgeBase and found a few articles that discussed the following possible causes and resolutions...
1. Corrupt install or corrupt IM.dic: Uninstall, clean registry, and then reinstall
2. Corrupt integration: Recreate integration

I knew she had been through #1 several times, so I tried #2 and still received the error. I tried using a backup IM.MDB, and still received the error. Hmmm.

So I started to think about the corrupt IM.dic mentioned in the article. And I started to think about how many of the articles mentioned the error when opening an integration, but she did not the error until she actually ran the integration (and that it appeared to run at first before displaying the error). It was as if it was having issues with pushing the data through the Dynamics GP client, as opposed to an issue with the Integration Manager application itself. And then I remembered that she launched Integration Manager from the start menu, because the option from Tools>>Integrate was not available to her.

I bet many of you already know where I am heading with this. I checked her Dynamics.set file (her launch file, through Tools>>Setup>>System>>Edit Launch File) and, sure enough, Integration Manager was not included in the launch file. The IM.dic was were it should be, in the GP directory, but the Dynamics.set was not even looking for it. We modified the launch file to include Integration Manager (by copying from the Dynamics.set on a working workstation), and the integration now runs perfectly.

This was on GP 9, not sure if others have run in to it on GP 10. But I thought it was an interesting find that I should share with others, to spare you the troubleshooting should you come across it. Happy New Year!


zwr said...

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Jose miguel peguero alcantara said...

thanks, it works for me. very good.