Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dynamics World Top 100 Voting Open

It's always an honor to be nominated, that is the truth no matter how cliche it has become (many thanks, Oscar).  The voting has officially begun for Dynamics World's Top 100 Most Influential Dynamics People list.  Steve and I were both surprised and honored to be included in the nominations this year. Steve for his technical blog posts that seem to get at the detailed root of issues with development and Dynamics GP, and myself for my application-based posts and work with the Dynamics GP Microsoft Learning Curriculum and certification exams. But regardless of who you vote for, get out there and vote for those that influence you!  I always love to see the final list, and find myself coming back to those that make the list as resources time and time again.



David Musgrave said...

But they spelt your surname wrong. :-(


Christina Phillips said...

As long as its not Christy or Chrissy (no problem with those names in general-- they just don't work for me), I am fine :)