Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quick Post- Why I love Management Reporter

Sitting in an airport, delayed for 4 hours trying to get to Denver for our annual year end customer event, I thought I would post a quick couple of thoughts on Management Reporter.  I have been working in it more and more lately, and I really like it.  Of course, there are the missing pieces for now, but I know that they will come in time.  But a couple of things that make life so much easier....
  1. Being able to easily add dimensions, including account category or analytical accounting, for reporting. Just make the change in the company settings (Companies>>Companies).
  2. Create report groups to generate reports together, and specific whether you want to override the report definition settings for date, etc.  (File>>Report Groups)
  3. Being able to organize report building blocks, and reports in report library by folders.  And then in the Report Definition, on the Output and Distribution tab, being able to send reports to a specific folder in the Report Library.
Now, if I could only get to Denver!


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