Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Payroll Audit Summary SmartList POW!

I had a request last week for an audit report for payroll processing that would summarize the amounts and hours being paid by pay code.  This report would be generated after a payroll was built and calculated, to confirm the amounts before checks are printed.

So, I turned to my favorite user-friendly tool: SmartList Builder.  We were able to create the report in under 5 minutes, which I think deserves a POW :)  Here are the steps:
  1. Microsoft Dynamics GP>>Tools>>SmartList Builder>>SmartList Builder
  2. Enter a SmartList ID, Name, and Item Name
  3. Pick Product: Microsoft Dynamics GP, Series: Payroll
  4. Under Tables, click the + and choose to add a Microsoft Dynamics GP table
  5. In the Add Table window, choose Product: Microsoft Dynamics GP, Series: Payroll, and Table: Payroll Work Pay Code
  6. Click Save
  7. If you want to, you can also add the Payroll Master table as well using the same process, related on the Employee ID fields.
  8. In the SmartList Builder window, you can then mark the fields you want to default in the view.  We picked Pay Record, Units to Pay, and Total Pay.
  9. Click Options at the top of the SmartList Builder window to open the Options window
  10. Mark the Summary SmartList checkbox
  11. For the Payroll Work Pay Code table, locate the Pay Record field and double-click.   Change the Summary Method to Group By to group the summary for each pay code.
  12. Locate the Units to Pay and Total Pay fields to confirm that the Summary Methods are set to Sum.
  13. Click Save
  14. Save and close the Smartlist Builder window
  15. Launch SmartList, Microsoft Dynamics GP>>SmartList and include the changes.
  16. View the results! NOTE, this will only display results from a payroll that has been built and calculated but not yet printed and posted.  You should see one line for each pay code in the payroll, with a summary of hours and total amount to be paid.
Extra Credit!  Use the matched table feature in SmartList Builder to add the Payroll Work Deduction and Payroll Work Benefit tables to the SmartList so that the report includes the summary of deductions and benefits as well.  HINT, to access the match tables feature open SmartList Builder, select the Payroll Work Pay Code table, click the Edit Selected Table icon, and choose Matched Tables.

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