Thursday, September 16, 2010

Is The New PartnerSource Search a Complete Dud?

Is there some secret that I don't know about actually finding something using the new PartnerSource Search?

In the last few days, I've tried to find two KB articles that I know exist.  I know their KB number, and I even know their title and several keywords.  But no matter how I try and search for them, they don't appear in the search results.

Even after filtering for Dynamics GP only, I get Solomon articles in my results.  And I'm getting a lot of hits on Great Plains 6.5 and c-tree.  But the two articles I searched for are nowhere to be found in the results.  

I eventually Googled each of the articles, and thankfully, there have been either forum posts or blog posts that reference the articles and provide a direct link to the KB.  And sure enough, the articles are still available, but only if you have the direct URL.

Is anyone else having problems finding anything using the new search?

Does anyone know of a way to revert to or access the old search that only covered support articles?

PS:  I realized that there is one way to access a KB article if you know the current KB number.  Using the following URL format, you can just change the KB number parameter.  I don't know if it will work for all KBs, but it seems to work for the two that I was looking for.;en-us;855361

PSS:   Reader Perry offered this excellent tip:  In PartnerSource, you can go to Deployment --> KnowledgeBase to access the old KnowledgeBase search feature.  

The direct URL is:

Miraculously, when I type in the KB number I'm looking for, it finds it right away.  Now was that so hard?  I'm learning to appreciate the little things in life...


Georgette99 said...

I agree! I am frequently using a search engine to find solutions to GP problems lately. Hate the new PartnerSource search. Am glad that for several years I have been printing PDFs of KB articles for my own use.

Perry Smith said...


I agree, the new search is awful.

Try going into Deployment>Knowledge Base in Partnersource for the old search.


Steve Endow said...

Thanks for the feedback, glad to know it isn't just me. I constantly use the Support KB search, so this has been driving me nuts.

Thank you so much for the tip on Deployment -> KnowledgeBase. It works!!!! Yay!

Bob McAdam said...

I agree as well, and am glad to see I have company here. The new search asks for fewer parameters yet is supposed to be better?! I find myself using Deployment>KB by default now, too. Thanks for a well-written post...Bob

Perry Smith said...


I have been reporting my searches returning incorrect results to:

This was suggested by an Escalation Engineer at Microsoft as a way to get it fixed. It fixes the immediate issue. The more people send in feedback, the better it will get is what I am told.

Also, if you go into Voice, then select Support across the top it takes you to the old support page with the old TK.



Mike Lupro said...

Last Thursday, at the Spokane,WA GPUG user-group meeting, I had occasion to hear/speak with one of the senior people regarding PartnerSource search engine.

I asked if they had the option to exclude items (-Volvo) or use boolean expressions (Ford+GM) -Volvo and the answer was No.

Note: I refrained from a reference to using the Google Engine on PartnerSource.

I also complained/suggested that the old site had an ability to filter to a module - HR&PR for example.

And I did complain about Solomen results in my GP searches.

The (potentially) good news is that he heard the message and he did say that 'big changes' were coming in the next 30 days.

Now, if we could only get the guy on the tail end to stop sending us two or three emails about
'are you done?'
'Is there anything more we can do?'
Can we clsoe the case?
questions I'd be happier.

Devon Southall said...

Yes, it is a complete dud! I use the old one... :-)

Congrats on the new baby! My second (a boy) was born the next day.