Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Compliments to the Dynamics GP Documentation Team

At the 2009 Dynamics GP Technical Conference in Fargo, I met a member of the Dynamics GP team that maintained the technical documentation, such as the eConnect and Visual Studio Tools help files.  (Sorry, it was a year ago and I don't remember is name...although I probably have his card somewhere...)

I told him that I used the eConnect Programmer's Guide help file constantly as a reference, so he told me that if I found any issues or had any suggestions, that I should definitely use the "Documentation Feedback" link at the bottom of every page in the help file.  He assured me that they do receive the feedback, and that every submission is reviewed.

Since then, I've found a few small typos or discrepancies in the GP 10 documentation, and I've submitted feedback for those to get corrected.  And sure enough, I have received a response from someone on the documentation team for every submission.

Well, today I was finally digging into the eConnect 2010 Programmer's Guide help file, and I was thrilled to see that they had reorganized the XML Schema Reference section.  The help file now lists the Type objects in the Content pane on the left, effectively adding an additional level of navigation to the Content pane.

This seemingly small change is a huge improvement, making it much easier to quickly find Types and Nodes, whereas in the eConnect 10 file, I had to page down through the list of Types and Nodes.

I really appreciate this change, and the fact that they are obviously paying attention to the details and looking to improve the documentation.  So, I just clicked on that Documentation Feedback link at the bottom of the help file and sent them my thanks!

Give it up for the documentation team!  Yeah!  (And the crowd goes wild...)

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