Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ERP Implementation Strategies Survey

Houston Neal has an article on his Software Advice blog asking readers to share their experience with different implementation strategies. He discusses the three general implementation strategies, and offers interesting pros and cons for each.

Personally, I think he left out the best option, which is so brilliant that no textbook or best practices white paper could possibly cover it.

I call it the "historical data migration disaster". You know the one.

It's where the client wants to migrate at least 3 years of data from their old system to Dynamics GP. We're talking individual journal entries, full purchase orders, receipts, sales invoices, inventory balances, bank recs--the works.

This is the ERP implementation that every consultant relishes, the one where you beg your client at least two dozen times to reconsider, and then they give you several painfully valid reasons why they have to have the historical data in their new Dynamics GP system.

If you have never done such a detailed data migration, you simply have not lived life to the fullest, and you cannot possibly call yourself a veteran consultant.

I say we lobby Houston to add "Complete Historical Data Migration (Disaster)" to his survey.

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