Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh, where, oh, where, is my overtime?

So, this is more of a question post than an information post. And I am hoping that our loyal legion of followers might be able to help me out on this one :)

GP calculates overtime HOURS in a fairly simply fashion. You can specify a threshold for the pay period, and hours that exceed that threshold can automatically treated as overtime. Okay, fine. So let's look a the practical implication of that.

  • Biweekly Pay Periods
  • Automatic Overtime threshold set to 80 hrs

That works fine if the employee works 82 hrs in the pay period, it will automatically treat the 2 hrs over the threshold as overtime. But what about if the employee works only 80 hrs in the pay period, but it included one day that was 14 hrs long? In most states/jurisdictions, overtime is judged on a daily basis (or even sometimes on a duration basis, meaning if it crosses days if it exceeds a certain span of hours it is overtime) and on a weekly basis, but rarely on a pay period basis (in my experience). So GP does not recognize these measures, only the measure of hours per pay period.

So what to do? Yes, there is Overtime Rate Manager. But that only deals with the calculation of the rate used to pay the overtime, not the calculation of how many hours are to be paid. Every time a customer mentions overtime, I cringe, to be honest :) And I do the requisite third party product search. During that search, inevitably an ISV says "that would be a great product, but no, we don't have something that does that".

So it seems that I am left to hoping that the client's timeclock/timekeeping/timecard system will address the overtime calculation (and many do) but what about those that do not use a third party time solution?

Oh, and yes, there is customization of course. But I am still holding out for a simple solution :) Anyone want to comment and save me?


Steve Endow said...

Hi Christina,

So just to clarify, GP does have the ability to identify excess total hours for a payroll *period* as being overtime, but it does not have the ability to detect or calculate overtime for shifts / days within that pay period?



Christina Phillips said...

Completely correct. The only basis GP can use as a threshold is pay period.


Christina Phillips said...

Want to build me some lovely customization?