Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Attending the Dynamics GP Technical Conference?

I'll be attending the Dynamics GP Technical Conference in Fargo from November 9 - 12. If any blog readers will be there, let me know!

If you are technically inclined but haven't registered yet, it's not too late!


It is a trek and a sizeable investment of time and money, but since I haven't attended any of the major conferences in the last few years, I figure it makes sense to attend this one, which will hopefully focus on the technical topics that I work with daily. It looks like there will be several interesting sessions.

Based on a few recommendations, I have opted to stay at the Fargo Wingate instead of the MS recommended Ramada or Holiday Inn. It's only $69 a night for those frugally inclined, but I'll be getting a rental car--which is fine, as I'll then be able to venture out and experience the culinary delights that Fargo has to offer.

And, I admit, I have been looking for an excuse to cram into a Canadair jet and visit Fargo! In November. Average high: 35 F Average low: 19 F. That qualifies as cold in my book.


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