Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dynamics GP Error: Script CheckListAccess of form [Not found] when using window Shortcut

By Steve Endow

On this beautiful sunny Sunday morning in Los Angeles, I'm working on a modified Dynamics GP Item Maintenance window and writing the VS Tools code to manage the data on some custom fields.

On my GP 2015 server, I have GP customizations for multiple clients.  Before I use the DAG to create a new Modified Forms assembly to include some changes to the Item window, I had to remove the other customizations.  So I renamed the FORMS.DIC in the data directory, removed the VBA files in the GP application directory, and then re-imported the package for the modified Item Maintenance window.

All that went fine.  But after I completed that process, whenever I opened Modifier to make a change to the Item Maintenance window, I got this error.

Unhandled script exception: Script 'CheckListAccess of form [Not Found] not found.

My guess was that it was being caused by one of two possible reasons.  Either there was some issue with my modified form  and/or the FORMS.DIC, or my process had caused a problem with the Modified Forms access rules in GP.

I tried renaming my FORMS.DIC and re-importing my modified form package.  But the problem still existed.

So I then opened the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports window and removed all selections for modified windows.  In addition to my Item Maintenance window, I still had selections for the other modified windows that were no longer present, as I had a new FORMS.DIC.  After setting all windows back to Dynamics GP default windows, I clicked on Save.

I then went back into the Alternate/Modified Forms window and selected my modified Item Maintenance window.

I then clicked on Save.  With that cleaned up, I opened my modified Item Maintenance window by using Cards -> Inventory -> Item, and then selected Modify Current Window.

The error didn't appear.  Great, I solved the problem--or so I thought.

I then clicked on a shortcut I had created to open my modified Item window.

When I then clicked on Modify Current Window, I received the error message again.

So it seemed like the problem was with my shortcut.  I deleted the shortcut and recreated it, thinking that would fix it.  I thought it worked okay the first time, but when I tried it again, I got the same error when opening Modifier.

So when I open the modified window through Cards -> Iventory -> Item, I didn't get the error.  But if I open the modified window with a shortcut, I did get the error.

So then I thought it had something to do with the shortcut.  But later, I got the error again when opening the window using Cards -> Inventory -> Item.  So it didn't seem to be the shortcut.

Coincidentally, the VS Tools AddIn I was developing had some errors with two of the 10 custom fields I had added to the Item Maintenance window in Modifier.  I could access 8 of the 10 fields fine, but the other two caused an error.

So at this point, my guess is that my modifications to the window somehow got corrupted, and even exporting the package and reimporting it from scratch didn't resolve the issue.

Because of the errors I got in VS Tools, I have just started from scratch in Modifier and added all 10 custom fields to a fresh Item Maintenance window to see if that fixes things.

Steve Endow is a Microsoft MVP for Dynamics GP and a Dynamics GP Certified IT Professional in Los Angeles.  He is the owner of Precipio Services, which provides Dynamics GP integrations, customizations, and automation solutions.

You can also find him on Google+ and Twitter


Michelle Beutler said...

I have been seeing this particular error as well when switching into Modifier from the Sales Transaction Entry screen. I re-build all my modifications from scratch for upgrades, but we are still getting this kind of error and a few others in 3rd party add-ins.

Steve Endow said...

Thanks Michelle. Good to know I'm not the only one. I have tried several different things to try and figure out the cause, but the message still appears. All of my mods appear to work fine, so it doesn't seem to affect anything, but it is odd.