Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Post Master Enterprise Windows Service Posts Dynamics GP Batches Automatically

Over three years ago, I was helping a client import tens of thousands of transactions into Dynamics GP using eConnect integrations that I had developed.

eConnect worked great, quickly and reliably importing the transactions into Dynamics GP, with full data validation in the process.

But the one thing that eConnect (or Web Services or Integration Manager) cannot do is post batches in Dynamics GP.  Unfortunately, Dynamics GP does not have any feature to programmatically post batches, and there is no standard option or feature that will allow you to automatically post batches  in GP or even schedule batch posting.  You can use the Series Post or Master Posting windows in GP to post multiple batches at once, but that process must be activated manually by a GP user and must be performed separately in each company.  If you have dozens or hundreds of companies with intercompany batches in each, posting batches can be a very tedious and time consuming process.

While searching for a Dynamics GP auto-posting solution in 2009, I came across Post Master by Envisage Software, which was a new solution developed with Microsoft .NET that could automatically post batches in Dynamics GP.  It could even detect new batches, post them on a scheduled basis, and generate the batch posting reports as text files, PDF files, or send them via e-mail.

Over the last three years, Envisage Software has enhanced Post Master, adding features such as pre- and post- stored procedures that allow customers to execute custom SQL scripts before and after batches are queued or posted in Dynamics GP.  Post Master can also be customized to post additional modules, such as Project Accounting transactions that don't have a traditional batch posting process. 

Despite the great features of Post Master and it's strong success with Dynamics GP customers, there was still one limitation of Dynamics GP that customers were looking to work around:  The need to have Dynamics GP running and logged in to post a batch.  As a Dynamics GP Add-In, Post Master requires that the Dynamics GP client be running and logged in.  This means that a Dynamics GP client must be kept running and logged in at all times, and that GP login consumes a user license, which essentially costs a customer several thousand dollars.

Over the last year, Andrew Dean at Envisage Software has been developing a brand new product that finally eliminates this limitation.

Envisage Software has just released Post Master Enterprise, an entirely new product that runs as a standard Windows Service and can automatically post Dynamics GP batches without having the GP client running or logged in.

Because it runs as a Windows Service, it does not require an active Windows session, and because it doesn't require Dynamics GP to be running or logged in, it does not consume a GP user license.  The Windows Service design is a great benefit for system administrators who previously had to ensure that a GP session stayed running at all times, even after a server reboot.  And because Post Master Enterprise does not require that a GP user license be tied up all day, companies can reclaim the several thousands of dollars that they have invested in the user license for a real GP user to utilize.

Post Master Enterprise has all of the features of Post Master "Standard", including full batch posting reporting capabilities, e-mail error notification, batch auto-detection, and automatic retry of failed batches. 

Here is a video demo of Post Master Enterprise:  (YouTube Link)

If you have a client with high transaction or batch volume, a client with a lot of GP databases that uses intercompany transactions, or a client that has to regularly sit around and wait for large batches to post, Post Master Enterprise has set a new standard for automating the Dynamics GP batch posting process.

I've been working with Andrew Dean at Envisage Software for the last two years reselling Post Master in the Americas.  Post Master Standard has been a great success, and I expect Post Master Enterprise to revolutionize Dynamics GP batch posting.

For more information about Post Master Enterprise, you can contact Envisage Software Solutions at:


Steve Endow is a Dynamics GP Certified Trainer and Post Master Enterprise reseller for Envisage Software Solutions.  He is also the owner of Precipio Services, which provides Dynamics GP integrations, customizations, and automation solutions.



Unknown said...

You say that it does not need a Dynamics GP client, yet the configuration options asks for GP User Name and Password, please explain

Steve Endow said...

Hi Adriaan,

Post Master utilizes the GP username and password to access the GP databases, query batches, and process posting requests.

Post Master Enterprise does not require the Dynamics GP client to be active, i.e. running and logged in.

It does require that the Dynamics GP client be installed on the machine where Post Master is running, as Post Master Enterprise utilizes the Dynamics GP files.


Steve Endow