Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why don't you own Rockton SmartFill?

One of the most useful, most valuable, and most obvious ISV solutions for Dynamics GP that I have used is Rockton SmartFill.  If you aren't familiar with SmartFill, you should be.  If  you aren't using SmartFill with your Dynamics GP system, you should be.  There are probably some companies with only 3 users, a handful of customers, vendors, inventory items, and GL accounts where the accounting staff have memorized all of the IDs and account numbers and never use lookups--but for the rest of you, who are constantly using the horrible Dynamics GP lookup windows, you, yes you, should "invest" in Rockton SmartFill.

For example, instead of guessing a customer ID or resorting to the Customer lookup window, just type part of the customer's name and tab off of the Customer ID field.  A search result dialog appears listing your options.  This functionality is applied to nearly all of the Dynamics GP 'lookup' fields, and can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Despite my belief that SmartFill is a no-brainer purchase for nearly every GP customer, I have only had ONE client that purchased it.  Since I first used it, I have pitched SmartFill to nearly every Dynamics GP customer that I have worked with, and not a single customer purchased it.  This baffles me.  I'm obviously not an award winning salesman, but I would have thought that customers would see how it works and instantly want to purchase it.  But it just hasn't happened.  And I don't understand why.

At $150 per concurrent user, SmartFill seems like a bargain to me.  If a company pays $25,000 for 10 Dynamics GP Business Essentials users, or $40,000 for 10 Advanced Management users, I'm thinking that $1,500 for SmartFill is not a huge additional investment, especially considering the efficiency it provides.  $150 per user to increase data entry speed and accuracy?  To make the entire Dynamics GP system much more usable?  To avoid those crude Dynamics GP lookup windows???  It seems like an obvious choice to me.

So why don't you use SmartFill?  What's stopping you?

(I have no affiliation with Rockton and don't get a penny for recommending their products.  I just think it's a great product, and am puzzled why more people don't use it...)

Steve Endow is a Dynamics GP Certified Trainer and Dynamics GP Certified IT Professional in Los Angeles.  He is also the owner of Precipio Services, which provides Dynamics GP integrations, customizations, and automation solutions.


Unknown said...

Maybe Rockton should charge more to reflect the value?


Jim said...

have had Rockton for YEARS - when we went to GP2010 the IT department (me) did not install it right away - ALL of the users were complaining so much that I HAD to get it in.

Frank Hamelly said...

I agree 100%. The same goes for The Closer - it's pricier but the investment could be recouped in a few months.