Monday, August 8, 2011

Reporting Puzzle (2 of 2)- Report Options and Report Groups

(UPDATED 8/9/2011) Thanks to Mariano Gomez for a bit of clarification on this one :)

As is noted in the user guides, there is a limit to how many reports can be put in a report group (for example, Reports-Financial-Groups).  Each report group can only contain 32 reports.  This isn't too big of a deal, since you can simply set up additional groups, right?

But, there is a bit more of a dilemma.  Let's say that I have a report that has 33 report options set up for it.  In this case, Reports-Financial-Trial Balance:

Reports-Financial-Trial Balance
Trial Balance Report window

Note the 33 report options set up for the Detailed report.  So, then, let's say I want to add some of these report options (particularly the 33rd option) to a report group.  Reports-Financial-Groups:

Financial Groups window

In the Financial Groups window, I start a new report group.  But, notice that the 33rd option is not even available for selection.  So, although I can create more than 32 options for a report, only the 1st 32 report options are available for selection in a group.  The lesson learned is that you have to set up the report options you want in groups first, so that they are among the first 32 options on any given report.

Although this can be confusing, this is NOT the same as the fact that a report group can only contain 32 report options.  In the case noted above, my report group is brand new with no report options in it...and yet, I still can't pick to include the 33rd report option from the Detailed trial balance report to the group.

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Mariano Gomez said...


The problem was never with the reporting options, but rather with the reporting groups. Reporting Groups have always supported a maximum of 32 options.

In my GP 7.5 install - go figure why I still have one hanging around! - I am able to create 33 options too as per your example.


Christina Phillips said...

Hey Mariano! Well, that is the training manuals going back did have a note about 32 report options per report-- it was just recently taken out )(v10 maybe?). Interesting. So now you have me wanting to install 6.0 to see :)

Christina Phillips said...

Ha, well, here you go :)