Monday, October 4, 2010

Sure Step Certified, or Certifiable?

I just wanted to share a great blog post by a fellow Sure Step trainer in Europe. Some great hints on prepping for the Sure Step exam if you haven't already passed it :)

Also, I encourage you to read the comments on the blog as he has some great responses to common complaints/issues with Sure Step that I hear in classes and conversations. As always, I think we all have room for improvement in our approaches and Sure Step has a variety of tools to assist you. I tell students in all of my classes that you shouldn't feel pressure to adopt ALL of Sure Step at one time, but to look critically at your organization and find the areas that you could improve. Then look to the guidance in Sure Step to help you. Not to be sappy, but in the end, we all want happy customers right?

Trouble with proposals being "off" from the real project? Look to the Diagnostic phase guidance, including Decision Accelerators to reduce your risk and increase the customer's confidence in your solution.

Development projects don't seem to meet the customer's needs the first time around? Look to the design document guidance in the Design phase in Sure Step.

Yadda, yadda, yadda. Give it a chance with an open mind, and you might be pleasantly surprised :)

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Vjekoslav said...

Hi Christina!

Thanks for the link, and for some great tips about how to gradually, step by step, introduce Sure Step into an organization.

Good luck with your trainings!

All the best,