Friday, April 9, 2010

Invalid object name 'DYNAMICS..taErrorCode'

Full moon? Sun spots?

Tonight I was installing a new eConnect integration on a client's development server.

When I ran the integration, I received the following SQL Exception error:

Invalid object name 'DYNAMICS..taErrorCode'

I've developed and deployed countless eConnect integrations, and have never seen this before. A search for this message via Google and PartnerSource produced no meaningful results.

When I checked the Dynamics database, sure enough, there was no taErrorCode table. eConnect 10 was installed and configured on the server, and the Release Info tool even reported that it was installed on all databases, but for some reason the taErrorCode table did not exist.

I didn't install GP on the server, and I can't explain how or why the table would be missing, or what else may be missing. I also don't know of a "proper" way to recreate and populate the table.

I ended up scripting the table on my development server and manually recreating it on the client's server.

For the over 7,000 records in the table, I then tried to use the SQL Import Export Wizard to export the data from my machine to a file that I could then import on the client's machine. But after numerous cryptic errors that prevented the file from importing, I had to give up on that option.

I eventually created a new database on my server, copied the table and its contents to that empty database, backed up the database, restored it on the client's server, and then used the Import Wizard to transfer the data from that database to DYNAMICS.

That seemed to resolve the issue, and now the integration seems to work.


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