Monday, November 7, 2016

Dynamics GP FP: Can't close Table! and FP: Couldn't close table! error messages

By Steve Endow

A Dynamics GP customer contacted me and asked why this error message occurred:

There are a few forum threads on this discussing possible causes, but I thought I would note my experience with this error message.

I see this quite a bit on my numerous Dynamics GP development VMs because of the testing and changes I perform on the machines.  I can easily produce the error with these steps:

1. Launch Dynamics GP and login to a company
2. Open a Dynamics GP window, such as Customer Maintenance
3. Select a record on the GP window, such as a customer, so that you are viewing the customer data
4. Restart the SQL Server service
5. After the SQL Server service is running again, close the Dynamics GP (Customer Maintenance) window (not the whole app)
6. The "FP: Can't close Table!" message should appear
7. Close Dynamics GP completely.  You may get one or more other error messages, and then another "FP: Couldn't close table!" error.  (slightly different wording and Table is not capitalized)

Given this, my initial explanation for this error message is that the Dynamics GP client application lost its connection with the SQL Server.  There may be other causes, but that is always the reason why I happen to see it on my servers.

If you don't think that the SQL Server was rebooted or the SQL service was restarted, then my next guess would be that there was a network interruption between the machine running GP and the SQL Server machine.

If this happens to a GP client running on the SQL Server (as it did with my customer), then that would typically rule out a physical network issue, and I would look into whether SQL was restarted.

There is the possibility of a deeper network configuration issue or an antivirus issue, as discussed in this post:

I personally can't remember the last time I saw the FP error at a customer site, so I can't speak to those as likely causes, but it wouldn't surprise me.

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David Musgrave said...

Hi Steve

The issues with tables are not just related to SQL connections, it can happen for other reasons too and it can happen with local ctree temporary tables.

Check out the following articles for related issues:

David Musgrave