Friday, September 9, 2016

Some Things Never Change: Reconciling Payroll

Building on my post from a few weeks ago.  A few more scripts. For 15 years now, I have been doing this.  Doing the GP thing.  And for 15 years, I have been reconciling payroll taxes.  My job and career has changed tremendously in 15 years, but just when I start to think I might never have to sit down with a 941, Payroll Summary, and a bunch of Check Registers again....

So I thought I would share a few scripts I use in the course of reconciling.  These are my quick check Captain Obvious sorts of things.  These are usually most beneficial during the first year of a go live, when setup and settings might have been corrected or adjusted in the early days of the go live.

Hope these are helpful!

-Compare deduction tax flags by employee (Cards-Payroll-Deduction) to the deduction tax flags in setup (Setup-Payroll-Deduction)
-Display list of exceptions when these settings differ
-This may identify potential reconciliation issues by highlighting items that may individually impact wages differently than expected

select UPR00500.EMPLOYID as EmployeeID,

UPR00500.DEDUCTON as Deduction, 

UPR00500.SFRFEDTX as ShelteredFed,

UPR00500.SHFRFICA as ShelteredFICA,

UPR00500.SHFRSTTX as ShelteredState

from UPR00500 inner join UPR40900 on UPR00500.DEDUCTON=UPR40900.DEDUCTON




-Same logic as the deduction script above, only for benefits

select UPR00600.EMPLOYID as EmployeeID,
 UPR00600.BENEFIT as Benefit, 
 UPR00600.SBJTFDTX as SubjectFed,
 UPR00600.SBJTFDTX as SubjectFed, 
 UPR00600.SBJTSSEC as SubjectFICA, 
 UPR00600.SBJTMCAR as SubjectMed,
 UPR00600.SBJTSTTX as SubjectState 
 from UPR00600 inner join UPR40800 on UPR00600.BENEFIT=UPR40800.BENEFIT

Christina Phillips is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Dynamics GP Certified Professional. She is a director with BKD Technologies, providing training, support, and project management services to new and existing Microsoft Dynamics customers. This blog represents her views only, not those of her employer.

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