Friday, June 10, 2016

Yup, Dynamics GP user names are case sensitive

By Steve Endow

I occasionally get a call from a customer who is having trouble logging in to Dynamics GP.  They created a new user, they know they have the password correct, but GP keeps saying the login failed.

If you encounter this issue, one of the things to check is the capitalization of the GP user ID.

My login failed when I used "testuser".  Notice that the User ID is actually "TestUser".

Unlike the rest of the software world, Dynamics GP user IDs are case sensitive.  So whenever you have a puzzling login failure, try checking the capitalization of the user ID.

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Perry Smith said...


Good post. I believe this is due to the user name being one of the keys for the encryption of passwords.


Unknown said...

Oddly enough SQL collation would also dictate if a system object like a user name would be case sensitive as well.

Steve Endow said...


We shall not speak of the SQL Collation that shall not be named!