Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dynamics GP "new code" message appears every time you launch GP

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By Steve Endow

This week I upgraded and messed with my GP 2015 installation as part of a support case.  At some point, I started to get the "New code must be added" dialog box every time I launched GP.

I clicked on Yes and then logged into GP, but it appeared the next time I launched GP.  I tried Run as Administrator, clicked Yes, and logged in.  But it still kept appearing.

I finally stopped and thought for a second.  I searched my GP 2015 directory for *.cnk files.  And there I found tautil.cnk.  I don't know how it got there or why it was there.  I already had the TAUTIL.DIC dictionary in the directory, and had it listed in the Dynamics.set file.

My only guess is that perhaps the dictionary was updated as part of the hotfix I installed, and for some reason it failed to unchunk.

I deleted the tautil.cnk file and the New code message went away.

Problem solved, mystery remains.

UPDATE: A reader makes a good point, which I also pondered later, that the better approach is to probably rename the existing dictionary and let GP unchunk the cnk file, in case the dictionary was not successfully updated.  In my case, since it was only PSTL / TAUTIL, and it was on my development machine, it wasn't a concern, but in a real environment, renaming the existing dictionary is probably the more prudent approach.

Steve Endow is a Microsoft MVP for Dynamics GP and a Dynamics GP Certified IT Professional in Los Angeles.  He is the owner of Precipio Services, which provides Dynamics GP integrations, customizations, and automation solutions.

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go away said...

I get this error every upgrade with the cashbook dictionary. It has to do with the security of the dictionary file I believe, my solution is to rename the dictionary file and allow GP to unchunk the chunk just in case the old dictionary hasn't been updated.

Steve Endow said...

Good point. I was thinking about that after I wrote the post--by deleting the cnk file, I may have prevented the dictionary from being updated.

Unknown said...

Hi Steve, This is a bug with GP2015 RTM and microsoft released a separate cnk file for this. You will see a discussion on the community at

Unknown said...

I received this error during our test upgrade and opened a support case. Dynamics Support said this is a known issue. They sent me new code and instructions for uninstalling the old code. It worked. Funny thing is that the issue did not recur during our production upgrade.

Lisa Sorensen said...


It is interesting that you blogged about this because I have encountered this with each dev VM that has GP 2015 or GP 2015 R2 on it. The PSTL tools, when installed during the initial installation generates an error stating the version is incorrect. It is a known issue and hence, there is a hotfix for the PSTL tools that you can download. As you encountered, the identical issue I had (regardless of 2015 or 2015 R2) once the hotfix is applied. I even changed the permissions on the *.cnk file and it still would prompt for new code until I deleted the *.cnk file. Not sure if this is documented but I have 4 different machines that I encountered the same issue, and only with the PSTL tools.

Mitch said...

GP 2015 was originally shipped with the 2013 Professional Service Tools (tautil.cnk) and is a problem if you used the RTM on the original installation. It never successfully installs and the chunk file just stays there.