Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Updating Inventory Transaction Accounts

When you enter inventory transactions (Transactions-Inventory), distributions are not created until you post.  This is because, based on your valuation method, the costs involved may not be known until you post (as other activity may have been recorded that impacted the cost to be used).

So, because of this, the inventory transaction amounts work table (IV10001) simply contains the account indexes (rather than there being a separate distributions table for work transactions).  The IVIVINDX contains the account index for the inventory account, and IVIVOFIX is the account index for the inventory offset account used for inventory adjustments.

The good news in all of this is that if you need to make a change to these, it is relatively easy.  Why would you need to do this?  Well, imagine a scenario where you import your inventory balances (for go live, for example) and only after importing (and tying it all out of course) you notice that you have some items with the wrong account numbers.  So, you go and change the accounts on the item card.  And.  Bummer.  It does not update the existing unposted transactions.  But all is not lost!

You could...

--Update one of the index fields with a constant (if all transactions should have the same account number)


--Update one of the index fields based on the newly assigned account for the item

A couple of notes/warnings!
Normally, I would not be a fan of updating accounts...but these are work transactions, and the distributions themselves have not yet been created.
And, of course, please make sure you test this on a test database first and review the results.  And always make a backup prior to running against a live company.
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