Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Recreating Year End Wage File After 2014 Payrolls

Ah, Payroll Year End.  It deserves to be capitalized.  So much fun, in such a short time frame :)  Just a quick reminder post that you can recreate the Year End Wage File if absolutely necessary after running 2014 payrolls.  Assuming you have applied the 2014 payroll tax tables, you simply need to run the following script (Courtesy of Terry Heley at Microsoft)...

UPDATE UPR10100 SET FICASSWL='113700.00000' WHERE RPTNGYR ='2013'

Then you can remove and rebuild the year end wage file (GP knows to only include 2013 activity). Of course, ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE DOING STUFF LIKE THIS.

Hopefully we are over the hump for the year, but thought I would put this out there just in case.

Christina Phillips is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Dynamics GP Certified Professional. She is a senior managing consultant with BKD Technologies, providing training, support, and project management services to new and existing Microsoft Dynamics customers. This blog represents her views only, not those of her employer.

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