Friday, May 17, 2013

MR 2012 UR 4- Quirky Excel Linking Behavior with RPO

We had a client bring up an interesting issue last week, after updating MR 2012 to UR4.  They use GL and Worksheet links in their row formats like this...

(B=B3, C=C3, D=D3, J=B3, K=C3, L=D3) /RPO

RPO (Row Period Offset), allows you to just specify the cell before period 1...and then it automatically counts (down the rows for RPO, across the colunbs for CPO) to determine balances for period 1, 2, etc.

Columns B, C, D are set to pull PERIODIC (Current Period) balances in the column definition, and J, K, and L are set to YTD.

The spreadsheet look something like this...

Prior to updating, this worked great.  Pulling the PERIODIC and YTD balances based on the RPO.  But since applying UR4, both sets of columns pull the PERIODIC amount instead of YTD.  The only way we can get the YTD columns to work (so far) is to change the Period to 1:BASE (instead of just BASE) and leave it set to YTD. 

Will keep you posted as we learn more, but it appears to potentially be a quality report....but let me know if you see any fault in my logic :)

UPDATE 5/31/2013- This is being written up as a quality report :)

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