Friday, August 24, 2012

Two bugs in GP 2010 SP1 that made an upgrade worthwhile

In my last post, I mentioned that I was helping a client upgrade to GP 2010 SP3 because SP1 has an eConnect bug.

The GP 2010 SP1 eConnect bug, described here by David Musgrave, effectively prevents eConnect from importing standard GL journal entries.  The only way to resolve the issue is to install a newer hotfix or service pack so that the stored procedures are updated.

While working with the client to test the eConnect journal entry import, I happened to notice that logging into GP took an eternity.  After selecting a company, it would take several minutes for GP to fully load. 

The client indicated that the slow performance was normal for them, and that all users had the same experience on their Terminal Server and even their SQL Server.  There are a few possible causes for GP to take a long time to load or login, but we went through the usual suspects and were unable to pinpoint the cause.

One of our suspects was a known issue with GP 2010 SP1, discussed here and here.  But after clearing the SY07110 table and disabling all elements of the GP home page, the client was still having the slow login issue.

Since we had to install SP3 to fix the eConnect issue, we crossed our fingers in the hope that the service pack resolved the performance issue.

It only took 90 minutes for the entire upgrade of 5 company databases, including backups.  After the upgrade, GP opened in seconds and the eConnect GL import worked just fine.

The GP users were absolutely thrilled that they no longer had to wait several minutes for GP to load or switch companies.  And they were happy to be able to automatically import their journal entries with the eConnect integration.

Steve Endow is a Dynamics GP Certified Trainer and Dynamics GP Certified IT Professional in Los Angeles.  He is also the owner of Precipio Services, which provides Dynamics GP integrations, customizations, and automation solutions.

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