Friday, June 3, 2011

Bank Transfers, Interest Income, What's the Diff?

I ran across a wierdo issue, that I almost can't believe I haven't run across before.  So a special shout-out to a fellow BKDer who found this issue in Dynamics GP.  Now, maybe some of my fellow bloggers may have an answer/fix to this.  But I suspect is it just how GP categories the transactions in Bank Reconciliation.

Let's take the example of a bank transfer (Transactions>>Financial>>Bank Transfer Entry).  We record and post a Bank Transfer. Then, let's say we want to report on said transfer in Smartlist (Microsoft Dynamics GP>>Smartlist>>Financial>>Bank Transactions).

Everything looks good until we see the CM Trx Type field.  I would expect to see Transfer or something like that, but instead I see Interest Income.  This is true for both sides of the transfer.  And I know it's a transfer due to the Source Doc Number and Source Document, as well as the fact that I can drilldown on the transaction and it opens up the originating Bank Transfer.

Not a big deal, but definitely odd and something to be aware of.  In this case, I told the user to rely more heavily on source document in conjunction with CM Trx Type as well as Source Doc Number.

Anyone else come across this?  Anyone know why this happens?  I suspect it is something to do with the numbers used in the DB for the different trx type, and GP using two different types with the same number.  But if someone knows more details, I would love to hear them!

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Neerman said...

HI, do you have any idea how to achieve the bank transfer using econnect 10.0 ? If you know, please send me email in I am stuck in this case. any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.