Monday, January 17, 2011

Apologies, apologies, and more apologies

So, I know I have been so very absent from this blog lately and I am sure you all have been missing my witty posts :)  But the fact is I have been going through many many changes lately.  Change is fun! That is my new mantra.  First, Aubrey turned 1 year old on January 10th.  She is walking and even trying to run, and keeps us on our toes.  Second, after almost 10 years, I have left The Knaster Technology Group and am getting settled in at BKD Technologies in Kansas City.  It is an exciting change for me, with an office to go to everyday, less travel, and a variety of new opportunities to keep me on my toes when Aubrey isn't :)  Although there is always a little bit of sadness in change, and this one is no exception.  The Knaster Technology Group is a great place with great people.

I promise I will get back on schedule in the coming weeks, and will get back to my less-technical but infinitely more helpful posts than Steve's--just trying to incite a little healthy competition with my blogmate :)

Happy new year and happy year end to all!

Take care,


Stanley Glass said...

Congrats on all your new changes. Sounds like a new great year for you and your family.

Christina Phillips said...

Thanks, Stanley!