Friday, August 6, 2010

Dynamics GP OLE Container and Note Files - Part Deux

Mariano posts an update to his excellent OLE Container article, and offers some very interesting insight into the file format used by Dynamics with its OLE Container files.  He has even used my new favorite file compression tool, 7-Zip, to partially deconstruct the OLE files.  It looks like he's onto something, and I look forward to a follow up to see if he has cracked the secret to the OLE file format.

On the topic of GP Notes, I personally have had only a few clients use the GP Note fields consistently, and very few used the OLE Container feature to attach files or embed other content. But if the file format were more open, accessible, or, gasp, based on some common standard, I think it might help increase adoption, and might offer some interesting integration possibilities for sharing data with external systems.  It might even make sense to automate the attachment of documents to allow users to avoid the somewhat tedious OLE Container window.

On the other hand, there are many very good third party document management modules for Dynamics GP that can do some amazing things with file attachments for GP transactions, so if a company is serious about having files linked to GP data, I think I would probably steer them towards one of those solutions.

But if you have invested time in the GP Notes with OLE attachments, definitely check out his follow up post.

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