Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dynamics GP 2010 Developer Toolkit Documentation

Maybe I'm the only one, but I seem to be having a hard time finding all of the different developer components related to GP 2010.

I just went to PartnerSource to download the eConnect SDK, and the download page just references the GP 2010 DVD download page.  But the GP 2010 RTM DVD does not seem to contain the dev tools.

And the GP 2010 DVD download page lists the eConnect SDK as a separate download, which, yes, points me back to the eConnect SDK download page.  Look kids, there's Big Ben!

Since I was already there, I figured I would try and download the other GP 2010 SDKs, but the lovely circa-1990s Download Manager isn't launching when I click on the links.  (well, it seems restarting IE fixed that)

Is somebody messing with the Matrix?

And leave it to Google to help me find what I can't get to on PartnerSource.  For any other poor soul that has also gone in circles trying to find the SDK documentation, here is the public link to a few of the files.

And just to warn you, the downloads are a bit odd.  The "Developer Toolkit Help Files" download contains the following 3 CHM files:

  • eConnectProgrammersGuide.chm (schema reference)
  • DynamicsGPWebServiceRef.chm
  • DynamicsSecurityWebServiceRef.chm

Whereas the "Toolkit Manuals" PDF download contains:

  • eConnectProgrammersGuide.pdf (development reference)
  • eConnectInstallAdminGuide.pdf
  • VSTDGPProgrammersGuide.pdf
  • WSInstallAdminGuide.pdf
  • WSProgrammersGuide.pdf

Seems that it will be a while before all of the 2010 resources get organized.

Happy hunting.



Hi Steve,

I am currently going in circle, from GP2010 DVD Download page to eConnect 2010 SDK Download page to GP2010 DVD page to ...

Read your post. It does not take me to the actual SDK Download page at all.

Just thought I would query you about my experience. Not sure others are also facing this now.


Steve Endow said...

Hi Vaidy,

My post is only referring to the developer tools *documentation*, not the actual SDK installation files.

When I click on the link in my post, I get a public MS Download page titled:

"Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Tools Documentation: Developer Toolkit"

Are you looking for documentation, or the actual SDK download?

This is the PartnerSource GP 2010 download page, which has links to the separate SDK download pages:

For instance, this is the download page for the GP 2010 VS Tools SDK:

Let me know if that was what you were looking for.