Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Deep Dive Webinars for GP 2010

I have been involved in developing some deep dive webinars on GP 2010 for MCT and Partner learning. These webinars are meant to be focused on providing step by step guidance on configuring and using the new functionality in GP 2010. And, as an added bonus, all of these sessions were prepared and presented by Microsoft Certified Trainers (yay!) Check them out, hopefully they will help with your Partner readiness efforts for GP 2010!

Business Intelligence & Reporting (This one is mine!)
This demonstration focused presentation will walk through the setup and use of new enhancements involving reporting and business intelligence in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. Topics include Microsoft Word Templates, Excel Report Builder, Drilldown Builder, the Reporting Ledger, Emailing Reports, and SQL Reporting Services Metrics Integration

Foundations & Financial (Featuring my lovely coworker, Linda Brock)
This presentation will explore the new features found in GP2010 in the foundation series – including security, home page and navigation enhancements. Also included are explanation of the new features in General Ledger, Analytical Accounting, Payables Management, Receivables Management, Collections Management, and Encumbrance Management including step by step demonstrations.

Distribution & Manufacturing (Starring the fabulous John Chastain)
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 offers a number of enhancements in the areas of distribution and manufacturing. This session will walk through these capabilities with demonstrations, with a focus on the improved Purchase Order Returns functionality.

Human Resource & Payroll (Another one presented by wonderful Linda Brock)
This Human Resources and Payroll Deep Dive webinar covers both the new features added to the HRM Suite, including additions to Payroll, HR, Payroll Extensions, Advanced Payroll, PTO Manager, and Advanced HR. In addition to the new GP 2010 new features, this webinar also dives into some of the existing HRM Suite features that may be underutilized. Including Payroll Integration with Payables, Deductions in Arrears, Hours to GL, General Ledger Accruals, Advanced Labor Reporting and Certifications and Licensing.

Extender (This one belongs to crazy smart Steve Endow!)
This Deep Dive presentation reviews Extender and discusses how it can be used to extend the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP by creating custom forms and windows without any programming. It includes demonstrations that show how to create new windows in Microsoft Dynamics GP that can capture new master records, additional information, and transactions, and how to view the custom data using custom SmartLists.

Workflow (A shout-out to the extraordinary Joe Tews of Summit Group Software!)
This Deep Dive presentation will peer into the new Workflows and types of Workflow available with Dynamics GP 2010. Explore the new Action workflow, and check out the new Action and Approval workflows associated with Workflow for Dynamics GP 2010 through a series of in-depth demonstrations.

Still to come- Management Reporter as well as Business Intelligence and SharePoint for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Look for this to be added in mid-May. Happy learning!


Peter Schott said...

thanks for posting! I just signed up for the BI one...and Joe is a great guy (we work for different companies in sunny Fargo).

Christina Phillips said...

Thanks, Peter! Glad you are taking advantage of them. Joe IS a great guy--although I would never admit that to his face :)

Peter Schott said...

offhand, do you know if homepage metrics can work with parameters? i.e. a sales metric but could select a different date range, customer, etc..?

Peter Schott said...

do you know if it's possible to use parameters with homepage metrics? i.e. I want a sales metric but the ability to select/change the item or customer..?

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Peter! Yes, you can. For example, you can by clicking on the metric to open it up in a viewer window where you can change the parameters. You can also edit the default parameters in report manager to change what is displayed in the metric by default :)