Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Project Accounting Timesheet Recalc Version 2 Released

Based on a customer request, I have added new functionality to my Project Accounting Timesheet Recalc Utility and have released Version 2.0.

The PA Timesheet Recalc utility is useful for Dynamics GP customers who use Project Accounting Timesheets for salaried employees.

The salaried employees have fixed payroll costs, but if they work more or less than the standard number of hours in a given pay period, the project timesheet costs posted to the general ledger will not match the actual payroll expenses for the employee.

Some companies ignore this discrepancy, some companies post a summary adjustment to correct the difference, and others try and manually adjust the costs on each Project Accounting timesheet to try and get the total to match the employee payroll amount. Each of these has its own challenges that make them less than ideal.

The PA Timesheet Recalc utility adjusts the unit costs on PA timesheets so that the amounts match the employee payroll exactly. It averages the unit cost based on the hours entered on the timesheet, handles the rounding issues caused by the average cost calculation, and also recalculates the timesheet distributions.

The initial version of PA Timesheet Recalc was designed for companies whose employees submitted a single timesheet for the entire pay period. In this situation, the total timesheet cost would always equal the employee pay, plus any overhead.

However, some companies have employees submit multiple timesheets during the pay period. For companies that wish to have the timesheets routed and approved by different managers responsible for different projects, employees may have to submit a separate timesheet each day for each project.

To accomodate this requirement, PA Timesheet Recalc Version 2 can now recalculate multiple timesheets for a given employee for any date range. For example, if an employee submits 20 timesheets for the period of January 16 - January 30, the utility summarizes all timesheets to determine the appropriate average cost and recalculates all of the timesheets. The user is able to specify the date range, and select multiple employees to include in the recalculation process.

PA Timesheet Recalc is definitely a niche product, but for those companies that are using Project Accounting Timesheets and trying to get their project costs to match their payroll expenses, it can be a significant time saver.

Since it is somewhat difficult to explain and understand, I've posted an updated video demo of the product.


Gerald Buenafe said...

Hi. How can we get a copy of this? do you have GP 9 version?


Steve Endow said...

Hi Gerald,

You can contact me at steveendow(at)gmail(dot)com, or on my web site at:




olegvi said...

Wouldn’t posting of the timesheets and then posting of the actual payroll record double up the expense?

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Olegvi--

Actually, the timesheets post to a payroll accrual account, which is then offset with the true salary expense. So it does not result in a double posting of expense but rather an accrual of expense that is relieved by the posting of the payroll.

Take care,

K M Dhariwal said...

How about creating an INTERNAL project and posting the payroll to this project. At month end one can reallocate in project accounting and transfer the cost to all the projects where timesheet is entered based on unit allocation.