Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Installing GP VS Tools 10 with Visual Studio 2008

For the last year or so, I have exclusively used GP and Visual Studio on virtual servers, and after wiping my laptop to install Windows 7, never bothered to reinstall GP, SQL, or Visual Studio. Since I nearly always have internet access on my laptop through WiFi or my 3G card, I've always been able to login to my servers remotely and work on GP on a server.

But I had a flight recently and wanted to work on a prototype of a new GP add-on, so I installed GP 10 on my laptop so that I could work during the flight.

I installed SQL 2008, Visual Studio 2008, and GP 10. It took forever to install everything and then install all of the service packs, but it went relatively smoothly.

But when I tried to install GP 10 VS Tools, I received a message that said that Visual Studio 2005 was not installed, so the setup could not continue.

After poking around and finding KB Article 968060, I finally discovered the workaround.

When first installing the base GP 10 VS Tools, you have to uncheck the Visual Studio 2005 Templates feature.

Once VS Tools is installed, install the latest service pack. I believe that the Visual Studio 2008 Templates were first released with VS Tools SP 2, so you will want to at least install SP2, although SP5 is now available.

Here is the link to the GP 10 VS Tools downloads.

After the service pack is installed, go into Control Panel and change the features for VS Tools, listed as "Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 SDK". You should see Visual Studio 2008 Templates listed. Add that feature, and then let the setup install the necessary files.

You should then be able to use VS Tools with Visual Studio 2008.

There may be a more direct workaround, but since I had already installed the base VS Tools, this was simple enough once I figured it out.

I recently installed the GP 2010 Beta, and see that the GP 2010 Visual Studio Tools includes templates for both Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, so this is a non-issue with GP 2010. At least until Visual Studio 2010 is released.


Anonymous said...

I know this might be a "facepalm" moment, but you probably could have saved yourself a lot of time and trouble had you just installed Virtual PC or VirtualBox (both free) on your laptop and copied one of your virtual hard drives over to use on your laptop.

I've been running my GP instances on my laptop for the last few years, and just recently started doing the same as you - loading into virtual environments and working there. I use VirtualBox, and it will work with virtual machines created in VMWare, Virtual PC, and Hyper-V.

Steve Endow said...


Good point.

I previously have used Virtual Server on my laptop, but between memory (only 2GB physical) and the relatively small (60GB) and slow disk make it painful.

I have used VirtualPC previously, but now avoid it because I found that it was noticeably slower than Virtual Server. I haven't tried it in several years, so perhaps they have made improvements.

If I eventually move to a new laptop, or get an SSD drive and more RAM, I may reconsider virtualization.

aparna john said...

Hi, nice method for Installing GP VS Tools 10 with Visual Studio 2008.But I use GP VS tools in visual studio 2010.Its really helped me.Thanks...