Monday, November 23, 2009

PartnerSource Funny

I'm sure you never thought you would hear those two words together.

So tonight I go to login to PartnerSource, and apparently Microsoft has decided that I'm now a customer and that my company has moved to Hong Kong!

I don't look forward to trying to figure out how this happened and how to get it fixed!

11/24/09 Update: I sent a message this morning at 8:20am to Voice Support explaining the issue. 40 minutes later, I received a response saying that they would look into the problem.

At 3:30pm I received an update that they had resolved the issue by setting my language preference in my profile to English. Unfortunately, this didn't resolve the issue.

The rep replied immediately and asked me for step by step details on how I am accessing the site. I responded with the step by step instructions, and they resolved the issue quickly.

4:15pm: Problem solved!


Christina Belding said...

WOW-it's happening to me as well? Weird-let us know what you hear back (I'll do the same).


Steve Endow said...

Thanks for the feedback Christina. Fortunately I have a separate PartnerSource login, so I went to "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page and submitted a "Voice Support" request, selecting PartnerSource Access Request.

PartnerSource has occasional quirks, so I assume this is just a new one.


Steve Endow said...

Hi Christina,

I just got the problem resolved.

Apparently it was a language setting in my partner / user profile.

Once they were able to track down the correct profile, they were able to quickly fix it.


Christina Belding said...

Great to know-guess I'll do the same thing (hit PartnerSource and hopefully be able to decipher a 'contact us' link). My luck it'll say something like "与我們联系". :)

Thanks much!

Victoria Yudin said...

Awesome! This happens to me on our Dell Partner portal every once in a while, thankfully it always corrects itself pretty quickly without me having to spend much time on it. Has not happened on Partner Source yet, I cannot wait. :-)