Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Interesting Purchasing Returns Project Issue

So, I had an issue pop up yesterday that I wanted to share because it is a newly identified quality report in GP 10.0. The issue comes up when using the Purchasing Returns functionality with Project Accounting, Transactions>>Purchasing>>Returns Trx Entry. In our case, we were working with non-inventory items.

It occurs when a user enters a return for a project-related transaction, and gets an error (like "you cannot exceed accrued revenue" or something like that) and they proceed to recreate the error more than once. When they do this, the QTYRESERVED and QTYINVRESERVE fields in the POP10500 do not get set back to zero when the return is deleted. This can then manifest itself in a couple different ways (as I witnessed with the client):

1. The system will not let you return a non-inventory item, saying that you never received that item from the vendor (even though you did).
2. The system will not display the receipts for a non-inventory item, acting like there are no available receipts to return against.

It was easy enough to fix, we just set the values for QTYRESERVED and QTYINVRESERVE back to zero for the receipts we were trying to return against. Anyway, thought I would share the scoop in case any one else comes across this before the quality report is published and a resolution scheduled :)


Unknown said...

When you set the quantity reserved in those two fields back to zero. Did it then allow you to return the item?

Christina Phillips said...

Yes, it did. Although in some cases, we also needed to run the PA reconcile for costs in order to get accrued revenue to be calculated correctly and allow the return.