Monday, December 15, 2008

More HyperV Resources

Today I tried in earnest to migrate a Virtual Server 2005 VHD file to HyperV. Things looked good until I realized the networking in the virtual server did not work. That's when I found this article that offers some steps on preparing a virtual server before you move the VHD to HyperV. Of course, I would recommend making a backup of your VHD and VMC before making these changes, just in case.

Which led to this tool, which is apparently a simple means for translating the VMC file to HyperV. Since I only have a few servers to migrate, I don't know that this tool is particularly valuable to me--it only takes a few minutes for me to create a new virtual server and then just attach the VHD. If you have alot of servers to migrate, the article mentions that System Center Virtual Machine Manager is probably a better option.

And finally, here is a post with an amazing list of HyperV links and resources. I will be looking over these during the next few weeks.

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